The goal of this project is developing parenting skills for parents who have hard hearing impaired or deaf children and for deaf parents who have hearing children. For this aim to be achieved we will organize educational groups to support families with upbringing problems where parents learn how to use the stories and the sport as valuable tools in the education of their children.

Usually, parents use the stories for their children's education because it is known that the stories develop the personality. Stories express the hopes of mankind, stories often lead the hearer to form moral judgments, stimulate all the mental and moral processes. Unfortunately, the stories  often  use complicated words and complicated grammatical structures for deaf people.  The final products of our project will facilitate the access to educational stories to deaf children and their families through the creation and development of a library with stories adapted  using visual language processing: adapted text, pictures, sign language, strategies and the principles of bilingual education.

Another efficient way in the education of the children is the sport. For this reason, the other aim of our project is parents ' awareness about the role of sports in the deaf community and for designing programs that will enable these children to become active participants in deaf sport activities as athletes and organizers, or, later in life, when they no longer have the inclination or ability to compete, as spectators, with all the socialization benefits that form of involvement provides.

Developing the skills of the experts who are working with deaf people and their families or in the deaf community education domain is another winning no less important.