In the deaf community there are three categories of parents who face difficulty in their children's education: the deaf parents who have deaf children, the deaf parents who have hearing children, the hearing parents who have deaf or hearing impaired children. All these categories of parents have problems with upbringing of their children. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs anyone can do, especially in these special situations.

Usually, parents use the stories for their children's education because it is known that the stories develop the personality. Stories express the hopes of mankind, stories often lead the hearer to form moral judgments, stimulate all the mental and moral processes. Unfortunately, the stories  often  use complicated words and complicated grammatical structures for deaf people.

This project aims to make easier for the hearing impaired or deaf children the approach the classical stories and the understanding of their content through visual languages, which allows the deaf person to feel as an equal of a hearing person while enjoying the stories. In this way, parents will be able to use the stories as valuable tools in the education of their children.

Another efficient way in the education of the children is the sport. For this reason other aim of our project is parents ' awareness about the role of sports in the deaf community and for designing programs that will enable these children to become active participants in deaf sport activities as athletes and organizers, or, later in life, when they no longer have the inclination or ability to compete, as spectators, with all the socialization benefits that form of involvement provides.

Therefore, we have identified two tools for the parents, tools which can be very valuable in educating of their own children if these are adapted to the needs of the deaf children: stories and sport.